Ordering and Distribution

Ticket Restaurant can be ordered online. Employers can opt to place their order at any time during the month whether for that same month or in advance for any given period.
Employers are free to decide the face value of each meal voucher that they are willing to grant to their employees.
These vouchers are issued in paper form and distributed in form of a booklet containing one voucher for every working day of the month; however beneficiaries may use two or more vouchers at once.
Follow the below steps for your orders:
  • Phase 1: Signing an agreement where the ordering date, frequency, company address and all related information are specified.
  • Phase 2: filling an electronic purchase order in which the number of booklets as well as the number of vouchers per booklet and their respective face value are specified.
  • Phase 3: upon receiving the order form, a Pro-Forma invoice will be issued and must be signed and stamped by the company’s representative in order to proceed with the booklets production.
  • Phase 4: the order will be packed by department and/or by delivery point at your convenience. 
We deliver to any area within the Lebanese territories.
Place your order:
To place your order, kindly to download the below file, fill it, and send it by fax or by email to orderTR-lb@edenred.com

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